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Hello! I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, and Spiritual Problem Solver.

I enjoy healing humans and animals in order to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness with the goal being to spread peace and harmony on Earth. Your healing is my healing.

I have always been an Intuitive Healer, but it wasn't until the Universe gave us all a break from normalcy in 2020 that I truly understood the depths of my purpose. I took the stillness as a gift, and spent most of my time researching, practicing, and training various healing modalities. I connected with my true, authentic spirituality through the use of Astrology, The Human Design, Tarot, the Akashic Records, and more.

Life can have a way of clouding our connection to the Universe. I am here to guide you through the soot in order to uncover your true inner peace.

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Intuitive Healing is exactly as it sounds: the healer uses their intuition and sensory perception to heal the client. Many things in our society have been severely complicated in order to create a need for Western medicine techniques, when we've all had the power to heal all along. With a blend of positive intention, a connection to Source Energy, and appropriated actions, Intuitive Healing can bring relief to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

My intention as an Intuitive Healer is to help my clients discover their own gifts in order to heal their own lives and pass the knowledge onto others!

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