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Astrology Map


It's written in the stars... literally.

Have you ever wondered why some things in life come so easily and others seem so strenuous? Perhaps you are working against your planetary lineup. By knowing the messages in your natal chart, you can uncover the path of least resistance to your greatest desires.

The universe was aligned in such a way the moment you were born that is specific to you and only you. Having a greater understanding of that map can help to understand how to get what you want out of life!

Readings can be done in person or online.

MP3 recordings of the readings will be delivered through email after the session.

Embody Astrology.png

Journey with Jacqui through the zodiac cycle and work WITH nature to uncover your greatest natural attributes. 

Who else?

A loving community of soul-seekers who intend to lean into the available planetary energies in order to cultivate the life of their dreams with ease while supporting the collective in the process.

Inside the Patreon community, you'll find bi-weekly group Zoom calls where you'll discover how to embody each zodiac season before its arrival and to check in mid-way through, keeping yourself on track.

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