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Astrology Map


It's written in the stars... literally.

Have you ever wondered why some things in life come so easily and others seem so strenuous? Perhaps you are working against your planetary lineup. By knowing the messages in your natal chart, you can uncover the path of least resistance to your greatest desires.

The universe was aligned in such a way the moment you were born that is specific to you and only you. Having a greater understanding of that map can help to understand how to get what you want out of life!

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Do you want to learn how each New Moon and Full Moon applies directly to your personal life?
In Embody Astrology: Lunar Events, Jacqui takes the group through a deep dive of each lunar event to describe the energies available for the collective.
Each meeting, 1-2 members are selected as case studies where Jacqui interprets how the lunar events apply directly to each person. This is the only way to have Jacqui's eyes on your natal chart outside of becoming a 3-month coaching package client.
What if you're not selected as a case study? Watch LIVE how Jacqui relates the lunar event to another astrology chart to follow along and learn her technique.

Join Embody Astrology today to learn more about how the moon is guiding your life!

As of March 2024, Jacqui is no longer providing single astrology readings.

However, below are two TRUSTED astrologers approved by Jacqui herself.

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