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I am a caring and compassionate Intuitive Energy Healer who specializes in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes of pains and ailments, not just the symptoms. Each treatment looks different than the others. I tailor the healing toward the client's specific needs and am intuitively guided through how to do so.

All services are available in-person or online.

Contact me to find out more about how I can be of service to you and your family by booking a free 10-minute consultation call!

Reiki Treatment


Gentle, Harmless, Natural, Healing, Balancing, Relaxing, and Energizing.
Reiki is a healing modality that channels Source energy through the practitioner to the client. Reiki can be received in person, through a video call, or over the phone!

Image by Jen Theodore


A card reading can help you understand what you need to know about a particular situation.

Fairy Lights


The Akashic Records are a collection of everything that ever has and ever will happen on your soul's journey. During a session, Jacqui will access your records to discover what may be holding you back from achieving greatness in your life.

Pet The Bunny


Have your pets experienced physical or emotional traumas leaving them with emotional scars? Are your pets experiencing pain, tension, or fatigue? Like humans, animals can hold onto emotions in their physical body. An animal healing session can help them begin to feel relief.

Zodiac Chart


Some of life's biggest mysteries are hidden in your natal chart.

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