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Thank you so much for supporting me and my work. Your generosity allows me to create more content, learn new skills, and grow my practice in order to reach more and more beautiful souls like you!


Follow me on the Insight Timer app where I offer donation based astrology updates, oracle readings, reiki transmissions, question and answer sessions, meditations, affirmations, and more.

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Follow me on YouTube for extra spiritual content: recordings of my live Insight Timer sessions, planetary yoga classes, podcast episodes (new in Jan 2023) and more!

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Share your experiences with the world!

Your reviews are important for my growth. They spread the word of how I'm available to help as well as offer feedback for me to grow and expand.

Email a screenshot of your Lakeside Living Google review to for a one-time 20% off of any service.

I appreciate your time and support!



Energy in = energy out.
I gratefully receive all donations which assist me to spend more time creating spiritual content for you!
Your love and support are priceless.



If you are enjoying my work and would like to support me with an exchange of energy, any donations are greatly appreciated! Having support from my followers allows me to take more classes and workshops to refine and learn new skills. It also allows me to invest in new recording equipment to produce higher quality content for your viewing pleasure.

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