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"Hi Jacqui. Hope you are well and always good.
It's been more than a week since my Akashic Record reading session with you, and I want to thank you so very much. 
It was an incredible experience that shaped my spiritual journey into a higher level and for a better me. It takes me days to digest everything and go into details of anything specific about the information. Above all, the result of your reading was beyond my expectation in a positive way. Thank you and thank you again."

Pinkan L.
Jakarta, Indonesia

"Because I haven't been in pain for the last week (since my 2nd Reiki session), I feel so much bubblier and happier. I've had excruciating back pain for decades and after my first Reiki session with Jacqui (first Reiki session at all), my back pain moved to the other side, which was such a weird experience. Then after my second Reiki session, the back pain actually left. This has been so cool! That debilitating pain moved around, and then it was gone! Jacqui is so gifted. I am so blessed to have found her."

Jenny O.
Chicago, IL

“I just finished your YouTube video and I was curious what would happen with the reiki blessing. I didn’t really follow the meditation because I had meditated earlier this morning. Super interesting because while you were sending the reiki, a very heavy deep relaxation went over my body. I had been rubbing my fingers together, like a tick of sorts, and that just stopped. A “plastered into the couch” feeling. Very cool. Then when you closed it up, it subsided, and everything felt lighter again. This was curious because in a way I was trying to not be in tune, however I was still open, and it still hit me. Nuts, I didn’t expect that.”

Viky K.
Johnsburg, IL

"Before my first session with Jacqui, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Although I don’t consider myself a very spiritual person, I was shocked at what I found myself able to get out of our time together. I had been stressed about health issues and school, and Jacqui‘s session helped me focus on how powerful our bodies and minds can be in calming the things that stress us out. With her guidance, I was able to not only identify the specific fears and worries I have, but also to learn a bit more about ways I can help myself negate the negative effects they have on my day to day life. Overall, I couldn’t recommend it enough and look forward to having an in person session!"

Jakob K.
Salzburg, Austria

"Thank you for the healing compassion you have given to my dog Lady. We were so lucky to have you treat her with Reiki that morning she woke up unwell.  Your healing hands helped us in more ways than one! I felt the calming energy across the room!! We are grateful to you. Lady is doing very well, and benefited immensely from your healing powers. I highly recommend your service to animals and I will be back!!"

Patty C.
McHenry, IL

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